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I’m Whitney, a 23-year-old college graduate who has spent many years researching and writing on environmentalism, sustainability, animal rights, and nature. I consider clean eating and clean living critical in establishing a more balanced dynamic between myself and the environments and beings that surround me. I am married to a wonderful man who shares my love of all life, and supports my sometimes goofy enthusiasm for natural alternatives to chemical and capitalist processes. I am inspired to cook and create by my mom, inspired by the outdoors and strength of my dad, and inspired to share the best of life that I have to offer by my brother and closest companions Scooby and Sunny.

Likes: Food (cooking, eating, and playing with), writing (academically, leisurely, playing with), reading (about food, nature, and otherwise), feminism (writing, reading, activism within), the environment (hiking in, swimming in, walking in, playing in, thinking about, fighting for), music (listening, playing), love (my partner, my friends, my family, life), laughter (witticisms, word play, Canadian comedians).

Dislikes: High fructose corn syrup, willful ignorance, “isms of domination,” peas, tummy aches, disrespect, the deterioration of society in general, snow.

Food quirks: I chew my food an average of 50 times a bite. I love tofu more than many vegetarians probably do. I’ve eaten boiled pigs’ feet, salted duck eggs, congealed blood, turkey and duck neck, raw Thai chiles, rabbit (sorry Sunny), horse meat, and countless other things. I won’t eat cold salsa. If I don’t cry or get a runny nose when I eat spicy food, it isn’t hot enough. I will eat the smelliest and moldiest of cheeses, but I won’t touch Swiss cheese unless it’s melted. I have only owned one bottle of ketchup. I have fallen asleep, and then woken up, with food in my mouth on two separate occasions in my life. I often cook between 11 pm and 2 am. When I eat tri-color pasta, I eat the regular (yellow) pasta first, then the tomato (red) pasta, and then heave the spinach noodles into my mouth with unmoderated fervency because they are just. the. best.

Biggest non-food-related quirk: I make a lot of faces. I’m pretty well-known in my group of friends and family for the faces I make. I’ve even included a small gallery of get-to-know-your-author photos for you to enjoy. They’re quite funny.

Anybody have quirks they would like to share?

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4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I love this, especially your food quirks! I must say you definitely have a riskier appetite than I do. Some of my food quirks: I always chew on the right side of my mouth; it feels weird when I try to chew on the left. I’m addicted to peanut butter in a seriously unhealthy way. I won’t eat the ends of a banana or any part of it that is slightly mushy. I refuse to eat onions cold, like sliced into a salad, but have no problem eating them when they’re cooked into a hot meal.

  2. Dear Whitney,
    I LOVE YOU. There, I said it. This “about me” section is fabulous, especially since I can totally hear your voice when I read it. You have such a unique, hilarious style, and reading you write makes me want to be a better writer. Are you blushing right now?
    Ok, enough compliments.
    I will definitely be back for more of this tasty blog, but now it’s time for lunch.

  3. Amanda, you are too sweet! I was so excited to read the first post on your blog as well; I really think it is a great idea professionally. We will have to subscribe to each other’s blogs and be blog buddies from across this glorious state of New York!

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