The Way Stuff Piles

Mmmmm. Topped with garlic croutons: epic.

Cake. Cake, cake, cake. I didn’t know what to expect when I plunged my fork into the soft depths of Panarao’s tiramisu cake, but oh, cake. I’ve never had one like this! It was so interesting to taste a cake that is actually supposed to be another dessert and try to match the flavors, feel the different textures, and re-write the memories of flavors past. The cake was moist, the homemade buttercream was somehow thick, rich, and light at once, and the filling? Yum. They even said we can use the chocolate-covered espresso beans for decoration on the cake. Perfection. We may have a winner! The cake selection from Muscoreil’s was also impressive, but the family feel and great service we got from Tony at Panaro’s really makes them the top contender for us personally. I do highly recommend Muscoreil’s as well, though; they do beautiful work and their white almond raspberry cake was delicious, packed with the perfect balance of sweet & tart. Mmmmm.

And even with all the cake tasting, the cinnamon rolls from Five Points Bakery, and the restaurant meals with my brother this past week, I still lost 1 pound! I know it’s not much, but it also means that I’m still on track. I didn’t have much time to exercise, and all 5 nights of work last week my stomach was growling and begging by 2 AM, but I made good food choices at home and out to eat. Plus, on Sunday, Jonmark and I finally made it to the rock gym!! I not only climbed higher on more difficult courses, but I hung in the air like Spiderman! I didn’t get more than 10 feet off the ground on the inclined walls, but I still made it. Worth being proud of for sure.

Tonight for dinner (lunch)? Potato leek soup. It wasn’t a recipe I made up, really – you can use one of any from Food Network or another site. Mine was delicious, and only 216 calories per serving. It’s a great way to end a chilly winter day, and a perfect low-cal, low-fat meal.


4 thoughts on “The Way Stuff Piles

  1. I’ve never heard anyone refer to cake so descriptively lol. But yeah I am really glad you finally chose panaros I knew you would cos it was absolutely delicious! I really don’t want to wait until the wedding to have more of that cake, it sucks to have to wait so long. Anywho I had an awesome week with you two filled with yummy local meals!

    • Like I said, we “may” have a winner – we didn’t choose just yet! So don’t get your feathers ruffled yet, my cake-loving brother 😉

  2. Just a little Angelia-trick for you. Whenever you think that losing a whole pound is “not much,” go to your refrigerator or even the dairy section at the grocery store and hold one of those one pound Land O’Lakes boxes up to your belly or your thigh or whatever area you consider to be your problem area and just think…that’s what you lost. YES!!! I have to find perspective with mostly everything.

    • Wow, Ang – I never really thought about it like that. But you are right! And it has been such a journey that I’m going to be proud about each little bit 🙂 Thanks Ang!!

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