Implied Ingredients: A Short Note on Pantry Items

Some of you may have noticed that I leave a number of ingredients out of the lists of tagged items, and they therefore do not show up in the ingredients cloud. However, in doing so, I felt I should mention a bit about why this is so, and what exactly is frequently left off of my tag lists.

Implied in my ingredient lists is a distinction between “to be bought” and “already bought” items. To me, “already bought” items include things that one “stocks up on,” such as salt & pepper or oil. I have tried to keep it as simple as possible, and tried to keep my own values out of this distinction. For example, many people, students included, have sugar available in their home, but brown sugar is one of those things that sort of runs out, is forgotten the next few times at the store, and then needs to be bought once again. It benefits the person cooking to have that on a tagged list in order to serve as a warning: if you don’t have brown sugar or a way to make brown sugar, this recipe will disappoint you. “To be bought” items would be things like particular vegetables, meats, breads, and other foods that don’t necessarily sit around one’s house. My apartment is always stocked with broccoli, but I wouldn’t imagine this is true for everyone; hence, its “to be bought” status.

Basically, “already bought” items are pantry items: the things that sit around your house, waiting to be included in your next food venture. Here’s a list of the items you may not see tagged in my recipes, but will frequently find required:

White flour
White sugar
Oils (Canola and Vegetable, which are basically interchangeable)
Salt, pepper, herbs, and spices
Eggs (as ingredient, not feature item – I tagged eggs in mayo, for example)
Baking soda
Baking powder
Vinegar (white)

Beyond these ingredients, you will find your ingredients tagged and part of the ingredients cloud.


What do you think?

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