Extra Tortillas? How About a Grilled Wrap?

After stocking up on tortillas for the rice and bean burritos, and consequently running out of bread last week, I decided to  make a turkey wrap with the flour tortillas available in the house. The crispy lettuce against the light turkey and sweet, salty mayonnaise made for a small but gratifying lunch between classes. Well, this week, the produce drawer of the refrigerator was depleted of the purple and green lettuces that made last week’s wrap so refreshing. Today, there was an onion, and there was cheese. Since I much prefer the softer and sweeter crunch of a cooked onion, and since cheese is always better melted, we made grilled wraps for lunch.

It’s not as intimidating as it sounds, particularly if you have a lovely contraption called a George Foreman grill. Sure, it presses the fat out of burgers and pork chops alike, it’s also great for paninis…and grilled wraps. Paninis are easy on this little plug-in grill with a little butter for good measure, but the wrap requires no such preparation: just wrap and grill. If you like a toasted sandwich, you’ll like a grilled turkey wrap.

Grilled Turkey Wrap
Flour tortillas
Deli turkey (bought at Aldi’s – far fewer preservatives in some brands of their packaged deli meat)
Mozzarella cheese
Onion, diced
Jalapenos (optional)

-Spread the mayo on the tortilla, and add the turkey, cheese, onion, and jalapenos to taste. Remember, don’t overstuff!
-Wrap the tortilla firmly, and place on the grill with the outer seam of the tortilla down (so the wrap doesn’t fly open when you lift the grill lid!)
-Allow the wrap to grill for 5-10 minutes,  until the wrap has grill lines and you just can’t take anymore cooking (ya know, because you’re too hungry)

More recipes that utilize leftover ingredients from past recipes to come!


7 thoughts on “Extra Tortillas? How About a Grilled Wrap?

  1. I am reading this article at 4 am and the last thing I need is to be hungry….Thanks! All kidding a side great blog. You make a simple snack sound so appetizing. I got to be honest If you see this professor I had to microsoft spell check the spelling of appetizing I am that awful at spelling.

  2. HAHA Zach you crack me up…I’m sorry your 4 am hunger got the best of you. I have to admit that I made my boyfriend make me a breakfast sandwich at 2:30 last night – I convinced him that it was “morning” already hahaha

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    • Thanks so much for linking me in your post! I am fairly new to wordpress, blogging for a class but absolutely LOVING it! Your link is really encouraging! PS – I love your blog!

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